Investment researches

We help to measure investment attractiveness of your project, to present details and innovative details in a balanced and in accessible language, will provide the full advisory and informational support during negotiations with partners and investors.

  • analysis of the project's economical attractiveness;
  • preparation of business plans for the work on the Ukrainian market taking into account long term benefits and risks associated (possibilities of implementation, return of investments, all kinds of risks);
  • preparations of all kinds of presentation materials of yours Company or business directions.

Sector studies

We are ready to supply you with systemized and high quality analyzed information on your sector of market or absolutely any area of business, which you have interest in.

  • market research and market segments in Ukraine and all over the world;
  • risks analyze, prices and market capacity;
  • preparation of basic analysis;
  • preparation of advanced analytics and market research;
  • Information and legal support.

Financial and legal examination

You can be not totally confident about your business partners or have doubts on partners intention to follow treaty obligations, thus we guarantee obtaining complex and accurate information on their performance, check goodwill and solvency.

  • search and verification of trade partners;
  • examination of the company goodwill;
  • evaluation core and industry risks;
  • evaluation of separate and current partners’ solvency.

Dispute resolution with financial institutions

If you business growth quickly and utilizes borrowed recourses or you apply for banking facilities systematically, there are no doubts that you may face some unpleasant moments and situations connected with obtaining services. We will help you to build beneficent relationship with the servicing bank or find the financial institution, which meet your requirements in terms of your business.

  • evaluation of risks connected with breaching treaty obligations;
  • evaluation of reputational and strategic stand point of the creditor;
  • development of the strategy to solve disputes which rise;
  • mediation in negotiations with creditors;
  • complex support of debts restructuring and out of courts settlements.

Financial sanation optimization of the business

In situations when you face concerns about chosen business direction, you need a professional calcified help in development and implementation of optimized business procedures for your enterprise we are willing to help you.

  • analysis of the current financial position;
  • analysis and optimization of efficiency both manufacturing and management processes;
  • strategy development of business processes optimization, financial rehabilitation.

Support in out of court/juridical sanation procedures

There are a lot of satiations which occurs, when you care unable to overcome difficulties using own recourses, however the interest to maintenance the business exists or you requires some time to implement formerly stated plans, in this situation we undertake all organizational moments and will help to take a time out in relations with your creditors.

  • support in search of investors;
  • creation of satation plan;
  • arrangements negotiations with creditors;
  • litigation support bankruptcy process on the sanation stage.